Investment strategy and management

Investment strategy and management

A good investment strategy seeks to achieve two things:

  • To deliver the returns required to meet the investor’s realistic financial goals, and;
  • To manage investment risk by keeping the volatility of returns within the range that the investor is comfortable with.

Investment strategies also need to consider the tax treatment of different types of investment, balance the relative need for income and capital growth, take account of the investor’s timeframe priorities, investment preferences and savings capacity while being responsive to changes in tax laws or superannuation rules.

Tailored investment options

To help clients navigate through the numerous challenges involved in designing an effective investment strategy, LDB’s financial advice experts draw on a wide range of investments and tax structures to design tailored solutions unique to each client.

Most investment strategies will be built upon a mix of:

  • Direct shares
  • Managed funds
  • Bank accounts, term deposits and direct fixed interest securities
  • Direct and indirect property
  • Exchange traded funds and listed investment companies

To access:

  • Cash
  • Australian and international fixed interest
  • Australian large blue-chip shares and smaller growth companies
  • International shares
  • Residential and commercial property
  • Alternative or specific thematic investments.

Careful matching of investments allows strategies to be developed that meet the unique needs of each individual.

However, achieving the right blend can lead to portfolios that comprise numerous individual investments.

While this can be great in terms of managing the balance between risk and return, it also creates a lot of paperwork.

Not to worry. We’ve got that covered too.

Portfolio management

LDB’s portfolio management service looks after all that annoying paperwork, keeping track of dividends, distributions and franking credits, along with all buy and sell transactions and ongoing CGT records.

Clients can log in and see the status of their portfolios at any time, with up to date valuations, allowing them to enjoy all the benefits of an individually crafted investment strategy without the associated administrative headaches.

The importance of review

The final piece of the investment strategy and management puzzle is review and rebalancing.

For example, this year’s top performing asset class may not fare so well next year. Or an investor’s needs and priorities may change.

Left to its own devices, an investment portfolio can become unbalanced, increasing risk without any associated increase in return.

Regular reviews allow these imbalances to be corrected while helping to ensure that the portfolio remains responsive to any changes in the broader economic environment.

Put your money to work

Thanks to the power of compound interest, small differences in returns can make a big difference to the level of future wealth.

A good investment strategy backed up by sound management can help to enhance returns while minimising risk.

Find out more about how a personalised investment strategy, regular reviews and painless administration can help you achieve your goals.

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