Owners’ corporation management

Owners Corporation Management: Apartments

Owners’ corporation management made easy

LDB Group offers professional services in the management of residential, commercial, industrial and retail owners’ corporations.

Melbourne is currently experiencing a significant increase in multi-unit and apartment developments.

If you own a property that forms part of a multi-unit development, or are a property developer involved in the development of one, then chances are you need assistance with owners’ corporation management.

LDB Property Pty Ltd is a professional owners’ corporation manager registered with the Business Licensing Authority of Victoria.

We’re here to assist lot owners with the financial, administrative and maintenance functions involved in multi-unit management. We’ll also assist with the financial security of your owners’ corporation and ensure your capital asset is maintained and enhanced.

Working as one

With more than 25 years’ experience, we are equipped to handle the complex legal responsibilities of current legislative requirements. Our team brings together a rich mix of technical knowledge and people skills needed to manage your owners’ corporation.

On top of that, LDB Group brings together the combined resources and expertise of LDB Property, LDB Accountants and Advisors, LDB Lending and Finance, and LDB Wealth Solutions, allowing us to provide you with a fully comprehensive management service.

Rest assured knowing that your owners’ corporation funds are held in our trust account which is subject to mandatory audit on an annual basis.

Owners Corporation Management

A full owners’ corporation solution

We’re here to help you with every part of managing your owners’ corporation.

Our services include:

Initial set up and activation of owners’ corporation

  • Holding the initial annual general meeting (AGM)
  • Arranging owners’ corporation common seal
  • Notification to Land Victoria of changes to owners’ corporation contact details
  • Obtaining quotations for building and public liability insurances
  • Obtaining quotations for all necessary maintenance contracts and other required services
  • Registration of GST and tax file number, where required
  • Preparation of proposed budget
  • Assessing lot entitlements and liabilities under the Plan of Subdivision, and set fees
  • Generating minutes from meetings
  • Preparation and installation of an owners’ corporation plaque
  • Establishing the grievance procedure for dispute resolution
  • Preparation of model rules and registration of rules with Land Victoria, where required
  • Preparation of a maintenance plan (for prescribed owners’ corporation)
  • Set up and maintenance of a sinking fund, where required.

General management services

  • Maintenance of books of account, including:
    • Annual income and expenditure statement
    • Annual profit and loss statement
    • Balance sheet
    • Annual budget.
  • Maintenance of owners’ corporation minute book
  • Recording and maintaining the owners’ corporation members register
  • Collection of owners’ corporation fees and levies and payment into trust account (includes issuing of notices for fees and levies)
  • Generation of invoices to debtors, where applicable, and collection of payment
  • Arranging the payment of creditors from owners’ corporation funds
  • Ensuring service and maintenance agreements for fire service, sprinkler service, alarm monitoring services, etc, are current (where applicable)
  • Attendance to essential services requirements and maintenance contracts (where applicable)
  • Arranging routine general repairs and maintenance of common property
  • Arranging building and public liability insurances, and including quotes for renewal and insurance valuations (prescribed owners’ corporation), if requested
  • Convening and conducting an annual general meeting, including:
    • Preparation of the financial budget
    • Provision of financial statements and reports
    • Issuing notices and forms of proxy
    • Developing the meeting agenda.
  • Distribution of copies of minutes from annual general meeting to members
  • Recording and maintaining the owners’ corporation minute book
  • General advice pertaining to the Subdivision Act and owners’ corporation regulations
  • Implementation of a grievance procedure
  • Annual site visit and general common area inspection.

Additional services

  • Set up and activation of your owners’ corporation
  • Issuing an owners’ corporation certificate
  • Attendance to change of address notification
  • Preparation and lodgement of additional rules
  • Preparation and lodgement of insurance claims
  • Arranging and convening special general meetings
  • Arranging postal ballots
  • Issuing and collecting special levies
  • Attendance to debt recovery
  • Arranging major works
  • Arranging emergency repairs
  • Management of dispute resolution
  • Attending VCAT on your behalf.

Drop us a line today to find out how we can help you with managing your owners’ corporation.