Business advisory

Business Advisory

Focus on what’s important

Our tax accounting services cover the traditional tasks of preparing end of year business accounts and tax returns, and ensuring all compliance issues are dealt with.

These are important activities, but they really only tell us where your business has been. They don’t say much about where it is going.

Reports to rely on

Management accounting, reporting and analysis provide you with an up-to-date picture of your business several times a year. This avoids nasty surprises at tax time, allows us to provide valuable strategic advice in a timely manner, and helps you make informed decisions.

With our proactive approach we are able to recommend solutions to problems, often before they are even apparent.

Working as one

Our work with clients from a wide range of industries and service sectors, and our policy of recruiting talented people with high-level technical skills, gives us a great depth of knowledge all under one roof.

We are quick to embrace new technologies that help us and our clients work more efficiently.

Much of our work goes on behind the scenes, with our team ‘working as one’ to deliver a seamless service and real value to our clients.

We believe our most important skills are the ability to listen and to talk through issues with clients. We provide a good sounding board for your ideas, and can help you craft an effective strategy for each situation.

We can even help you find the right loan to finance your business and advise on property related matters.

LDB owes its success to the simple principles of putting clients first.

Flying start-ups

A particular area of expertise is working with start-up businesses. It’s important that new business owners understand their own motives for undertaking a new and potentially risky endeavour.

It is often for non-financial reasons, but at the end of the day a business needs to provide its owners with a living.

With years of experience in advising a wide range of businesses, we are ideally placed to help get your new business off to a flying start.

Your trusted advisors

LDB owes its success to the simple principles of putting clients first.

We provide a full range of financial services for businesses and their owners, and recruit the most talented people to deliver those services.

Our active professional development program ensures we all remain up to date, and it is gratifying to us to be rewarded by the trust our clients place in us.

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