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The recent legislative updates surrounding the much-discussed Stage 3 tax cuts have now been solidified...

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Is it time to invest again?

Rising interest rates are not good for growth investments. As such, it hasn’t been surprising that...

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As a general rule, individuals who own both a principal residence and a holiday home in the State of...

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The great wealth transfer

The great wealth transfer: tackling complex tax and inheritance issues

The great wealth transfer You may have heard of the impending ‘great wealth transfer’ where it is...

Tax Implications of Christmas Gifts for Staff and Clients: Navigating Deductions and FBT

Explore the tax nuances of Christmas gifts for staff and clients, including FBT, income tax, and GST considerations with LDB's expert guidance

Is my car tax deductible? Vehicle expenses you can claim

Understanding FBT Exemptions for Electric Cars: Key Tax Considerations for Employers in 2024

In May 2023, LDB provided an update about the potential exemption for certain electric and hybrid cars...
Market update: Interest rates continue to pose headwinds to the global growth outlook

Market update: Interest rates continue to pose headwinds to the global growth outlook

Market update: Interest rates continue to pose headwinds to the global growth outlook

Business Structuring Options in Australia's Building and Construction Industry: A Case Study Approach

Structuring Options for a Construction Business

We look at the pros and cons of the different structuring options for a construction business in Australia.

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Payroll tax - Navigating Payroll Tax Liability and the Implications for Medical Practices.

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LDB attends Xerocon, explores Xero's future and its integrative apps for businesses

What does a financial planner actually do?

Bonus deduction for Skills and Training expenditure

Due to recent legislative change, businesses which meet certain conditions will be able to claim a bonus deduction for Skills and Training expenditure

Your guide to superannuation guarantee (SG) contributions

Superannuation: Removal of the work test and associated planning benefits

Those aged 67 to74 are not required to meet the work test when making or receiving non-concessional or salary sacrificed superannuation contribution