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Meet Christopher Payne, Senior Financial Planner at LDB Group

Meet Christopher Payne, Senior Financial Planner at LDB Group

Weekdays see Christopher using his intellect to help clients create and manage their wealth. But come the weekend he likes to get physical, before rounding out the day with some of life’s simple pleasures.

Learn more about LDB’s Senior Financial Planner Christopher Payne below.

1) Describe your career in a nutshell. How did you end up at LDB?

I started out in investment management and then expanded into a broader range of financial advice a number of years ago.

After working with various companies, I was looking for the right company with the right services and a culture that complimented what I wanted to achieve.

I was introduced to LDB exactly 5 years ago and knew it was the right fit for me.

2) What’s your area of expertise?

Wealth creation and management is my main focus.

The objective can vary considerably from client to client, but I work a lot with clients who are concentrating on retirement planning and funding.

3) What do your love about your job?

The satisfaction of helping clients to realise lifestyle goals. To help guide a client to achieve a particular goal, such as a secure retirement or overseas travel, is very rewarding.

Also, I love the challenge that the financial markets provide – it is always changing.

4) What’s your top tip for people wanting to grow their wealth?

Start early and get advice.

It is amazing what a difference a few extra years can make when growing your wealth, even if you start with small amounts.

Obtaining professional help to navigate the huge amount of available investments and ensuring you select ones that are suitable for you is also imperative.

5) What are your hobbies outside of work?

Rugby union, snow skiing, mountain biking, travel, music and movies.

6) Describe your perfect Sunday

It’ll start with something active like a mountain bike ride, then going out with my family to a local festival or event. We’ll come home and enjoy dinner on our back deck with some good music and a craft beer or two. Then once the kids are in bed, retiring to the lounge to watch a good movie with a glass of red and some nice cheese or chocolate… or both.

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