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John Beasley promoted to Associate Partner at LDB Group

John Beasley promoted to Associate Partner at LDB Group

After more than a decade of experience in accounting, LDB Group is pleased to announce the appointment of John Beasley as Associate Partner.

Beginning his professional career in 2007, John worked at accounting firm Cottle and Hickie, helping clients across a broad range of industries including manufacturing, real estate, construction, farming, legal and medical. He also gained experience in audit and self-managed super funds (SMSF).

John joined LDB Group in an accounting role in 2015 when LDB acquired Cottle and Hickie, and said he has enjoyed the transition into a bigger firm.

John’s appointment as Associate Partner allows him to contribute to decision making in running the business, in addition to taking on more senior responsibilities.

“My area of expertise has mainly been in accounting, so the coming months will offer a great opportunity to learn about the other areas of the business. I’ll be doing my best to enhance what LDB has built over the past 35 years,” he said.

In the lead up to his promotion, John has been working closely with fellow colleague and LDB Partner George Psarologos.

“George has really taken me under his wing and been a great mentor. He has been generous in sharing his knowledge, coached me to improve my communication with clients, and helped me to understand the broader operations of the firm,” he said.

“This kind of mentoring relationship speaks to the culture of LDB, which is all about passing on knowledge and cultivating a supportive workplace.

“A big focus for me going forward is learning to manage staff effectively so we can get the most from our team. It’s about helping our staff play to their strengths.”

As he moves into a more senior role, John is passionate about refining his skills and collaborating with his team.

“The appeal of LDB is that there are so many other people in the management team to share responsibilities and ideas with. And it’s really encouraging to be on the same journey with them,” he said.

Reflecting on his career, John said the most rewarding aspect was being able to help clients every day and offer them solutions.

“At the end of the day, any accountant can put a set of numbers in front of someone, but it’s about helping the client to get a sound understanding and make sure the message is received well,” he said.

“I’m passionate about delivering information to clients in a way that works for them, which could be different depending on whether they are time-poor, detail oriented, or if they require more education about accounting.

“It’s all about tailoring our service and the way we communicate with clients based on their unique needs, and I’m really looking forward to helping more clients in the coming months and years.”

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