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Meet Erin Boyce, Manager at LDB Group

Meet Erin Boyce, Manager at LDB Group

Erin Boyce plays a key role as a Manager at LDB Group, leading and supporting an accounting and tax team.

In addition to leading a team, she works closely with small businesses to advise them on best tax outcomes.

When she’s not at work solving problems for clients, you can find her spending lots of time with her family and socialising at the gym.

Read on to learn more about Erin.

How did you find your way into accounting?

After studying a Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University, I landed a role with a national accounting and advisory firm and worked there for more than 11 years.

In September 2021, I joined LDB Group to take on a new challenge and work with new clients across different sectors.

I really enjoy the close-knit team we have here at LDB Group, and the workplace culture is so friendly and inclusive.

What does your role entail, day-to-day?

I have a list of clients that I manage. Part of my role is liaising with clients and building client relationships and the other part of the role is actually delivering the services we provide, including financial accounts, tax returns, business advice, structuring advice and any consulting pieces that cover the accounting and tax aspects of the business.

My client base is very broad and covers everyone from family groups to game developers and legal firms – we basically help everyone from individuals through to complex tax entities.

I also provide specialist tax advice in a range of areas, and specifically focus on tax matters in relation to small businesses. This will include tailoring the advice to meet the needs of the business and the circumstances that the client is in, ensuring we have a holistic view of both the business entity and the people involved to find an outcome that benefits everyone.

I also lead and manage a small team and work directly with members of other departments in the firm so we can uphold LDB Group’s ‘working as one’ value.

What do you love about your job?

I really enjoy building relationships with my clients, and helping them with advice to assist them in growing their business or accessing great tax opportunities.

I also enjoy problem solving and finding solutions for our clients. For example, if someone decides to sell their business, I collate the data and present advice on what will offer the best tax outcomes for them. We then structure a deal for them that works in their favour. And this process will differ depending on the business, and each business will have different circumstances and requirements. Finding those solutions for them offers a great challenge but I also find the outcomes very rewarding.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I have two young kids, so a lot of my focus and spare time is spent with the family. I often take them to playgrounds, play centres, swimming, and there is always a birthday party on that I take them to. It’s all about family life at the moment.

I also go to the gym and work out regularly, which is something I am quite passionate about. I enjoy it for maintaining fitness and general health, and I also like the social aspect of going to the gym. I have signed up for my first triathlon in December, which will be quite the challenge.

What was your favourite holiday?

A recent holiday we took was a trip to the Gold Coast in Queensland. I always enjoy a warm and sunny holiday as it makes me feel most relaxed.

My husband and I have done a few trips where we climb a notable mountain. We have done three so far, including Ben Nevis in Scotland, Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, and Mount St Helens in the US (which is actually an active volcano). These are always great as they challenge you physically and mentally, and the view from the top is incredible.

Next year we plan to take the whole family on our first overseas holiday since the pandemic. We are hoping to get to Bali to enjoy another dose of warm weather and sunshine.

What’s your favourite book, film or TV show?

I really enjoyed the latest season of Stranger Things. I like the fantasy element of the show and it offers a nice escape.

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