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Owen Day

Owen Day

Managing Director

Owen Day, a fully licensed Estate Agent with over 30 years’ experience in real estate, offers a wealth of industry knowledge gained as the Manager and Director of several very successful estate agencies.

Fully conversant with all facets of the industry, Owen brings outstanding knowledge and experience in residential, commercial, industrial and retail sales and leasings.

With his professional background in the management of many varied properties, including large and small Owners Corporations, Owen is focused on meeting our clients’ needs, preserving their valuable property investments and assisting them in dealing with the complexities of the real estate market either in buying or selling or undertaking investment or development projects. Owen works closely with the relevant accounting and financial services advisers as part of the LDB team servicing your needs.

We are pleased that many of our clients have benefited substantially from Owen’s professional and independent real estate advice over the past 13 years or so.

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