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Meet Scott Raglus, Property Consultant at LDB Group

Meet Scott Raglus, Property Consultant at LDB Group

As a new addition to the property team at LDB Group, Scott Raglus brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the commercial and industrial property sector to his role.

While Scott is known to be closing business deals and taking care of clients day to day, you might be surprised to learn that he also has an uncommon but very interesting hobby – running a pub.

Read on to learn more about Scott.

How did you find your way into property?

I started straight out of school in property management and eventually progressed into sales before moving into industrial property sales and leasing.

In 1999, I went to work for Point Property Group and ran their property development business for 22 years.

I’ve worked with Owen Day (LDB’s Managing Director of Property) over my career, and I kept in touch with him during my time in property development, and any of the developments we did that had owners’ corporations, Owen would set them up for us and run them.

In June 2021, I joined LDB’s property team where I work closely with Owen.

What does your role entail, day-to-day?

I’ve come on board at LDB to help set up a commercial property investment operation to help LDB’s clients invest in commercial assets they wouldn’t be able to otherwise access.

I’m also going to help grow the owners’ corporation and commercial management side of the business. This includes commercial advisory, such as helping commercial property owners come up with best use, best sale, or best lease options for their properties.

I have lots of experience in the commercial and industrial property sector so the idea is that I can use that wealth of knowledge to help LDB’s clients.

What do you love about your job?

I enjoy working with the people that I deal with, and I really enjoy the property industry.

A lot of the people I’ve worked with over the years have gone on to work in all sorts of property roles across Australia and it has been great to see their success.

It’s also an area I have come to know well and acquiring the knowledge and expertise in my field has been something I’ve enjoyed too.

What are your interests and hobbies?

About three years ago I bought a pub (in Pyalong, Victoria). It was really run down. And myself and some family members ended up buying it, with the vision of refurbishing it and running it. That’s what I’ve been focusing on recently.

I’ve really grown to love it – the people coming through the door, it’s like an open inspection every day. Greeting them, welcoming them, and making their time in the pub really special is great.

I also enjoy riding road bikes and dirt bikes. I try to get out riding as much as possible. I find it’s really important to do something different where you can actually switch off, and motor bikes are a good way for me to disconnect.

What was your favourite holiday?

I took the family to the US in 2018-2019 and headed to Los Angeles to catch up with friends. We travelled around California and went across to Las Vegas and back again.

I took my wife and two daughters to Disneyland and we visited Club 33, a private club which was originally designed as a place for Walt Disney to entertain guests and business associates. That was a pretty special trip.

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