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Florence Ioannou promoted to Associate Partner at LDB Group

Florence Ioannou promoted to Associate Partner at LDB Group

LDB Group is pleased to announce the appointment of its first female Associate Partner, Florence Ioannou.

Managing Partner Luke Henry said he was excited to have Florence join the team of partners.

“We’re especially proud to have Florence join our senior management team and look forward to adding a new perspective to our leadership group,” he said.

Starting her professional career almost 20 years ago, Florence has worked her way up from a junior accountant through to management positions at a couple of accounting firms in Melbourne.

In 2017, Florence joined LDB Group and manages a diverse portfolio of clients across a range of sectors including property, technology, wholesale food services, recruitment and private family groups.

In particular, she has carved a niche as LDB Group’s resident cryptocurrency and blockchain expert, leading the charge on tax-related matters and working with businesses who want to leverage the technology.

Florence’s appointment as Associate Partner will allow her to contribute to decision making in running the firm, in addition to taking on more senior responsibilities.

“I am very pleased with my appointment as Associate Partner at LDB Group. I’m looking forward to contributing to the business in new ways and I’m sure the coming months will offer me challenges and unique opportunities to further my skills and knowledge,” she said.

After taking the initiative to introduce and integrate blockchain technology and cryptocurrency services at LDB Group, Florence said she hopes to further drive this wing of the business in her role as Associate Partner.

“I have always found cryptocurrency very interesting, and after noticing that there was a gap in the market for accounting knowledge in this area, I started to think about how I could apply this to our services,” she said.

“Cryptocurrency and blockchain is becoming increasingly popular and more relevant in the accounting and business sector, so it will be imperative for us to stay abreast of developments in this area so we can continue to advise clients wanting to work with this technology.”

After realising very early on that she was “always a numbers person” as well as a “people person”, Florence said a career in accounting felt like a natural choice.

She worked at a mid-tier accounting firm for almost 12 years before taking the opportunity to join LDB Group in a role that offered new challenges and the chance to work with a different portfolio of clients. She said that LDB Group’s culture and values also really resonated with her.

“I love working with a great team of people and being hands-on with clients to assist them with their business growth and providing tailored business consulting services,” she said.

Reflecting on her career, Florence said the most rewarding aspect was being able to help clients every day, offer them solutions, and be an integral part of their strategy, growth, and success. The other aspect was coaching junior staff and being part of their career journey.

“It is always a privilege and a pleasure to help a client reach their financial goals or put plans in place that offer great outcomes years down the track. It has been a very rewarding experience and something I hope to continue striving towards,” she said.

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