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Meet Norman Elliott, Partner at LDB Group

Meet Norman Elliott, managing partner at LDB Group

At LDB, we like to treat our clients like family and build enduring relationships, which is why we’ve decided to share a little more about who we are.

In this article, learn more about Norman Elliott, LDB’s partner since 2015. You may be surprised to discover his secret vice!

1) What’s your professional background and how did you end up at LDB?

I’ve always worked in accounting firms of various sizes, mainly much larger organisations.

Five years ago, I made the decision to do my own thing and consulted for a while, until I found the right opportunity, which happened to be at LDB.

I was introduced to them by someone I knew, and I thought it was such a great business and a really good fit for what I wanted to achieve.

2) What’s your area of expertise?

Tax consulting and advisory, so making sure clients have the right structure in place, dealing with some of the complex issues that come up from time to time, and dealing with key life events, especially around the sale of business.

3) What do you love about your job?

The variety of work. You deal with a lot of novel and complex areas that sometimes people haven’t had to look at before.

I also enjoy helping clients to get the right outcomes so they haven’t had to pay any more tax than they need to. It’s rewarding.

4) Do you have any tax or business advice you’d like to impart to readers?

Never underestimate the importance of getting things right from the start… and taking the time as soon as you can to make sure you’ve got your structure in place and you know what you’re planning to do.

5) What are your hobbies outside of work?

Football, wine and cooking.

6) What is your secret vice?

My secret vice is playing Pokémon GO, which I claim is because my four kids love playing it, but if you ask them, they’d say, “no, no, no, dad only plays because he wants to play”.

7) Favourite movie, TV show and book?

My favourite movie would be Star Wars. I was only about four or five when the very first Star Wars movie came out, so I’ve been hooked from the start. I enjoy House of Cards, and my favourite book is Long Walk to Freedom.

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