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Meet Adam Betts, Accounting Manager at LDB Group

Adam Betts

Accounting Manager Adam Betts is known for building close relationships with clients, as well as identifying opportunities and providing holistic advice to help businesses reach their goals.

What you may not know about the LDB Accounting Manager is just how much he loves tennis and footy. When he’s not on the tennis court, Adam enjoys watching a game of footy, playing golf or even running his local club, The Diamond Creek Runners — you might even find him out running or training for a half marathon!

Learn more about Adam below.

How did you get started at LDB?

The story of LDB was really attractive to me. It’s a very people-focused business, which was evident when I first met some of the partners here.

I previously worked at two larger accounting and advisory firms and I was looking to work somewhere smaller and out of the city, where I could focus on helping smaller businesses.

So, I joined LDB in 2014 and haven’t looked back.

What do you love about your work?

I love the professional development part of the job, working with colleagues to learn new things and passing on my experience where it helps.

I also enjoy the technical aspects of the job like solving problems for clients. I’ve worked across a lot of different industries, so there’s always new challenges.

What’s your top accounting tip?

The first thing is to always do the necessary planning and set some goals to work towards.

Then you need to identify your strengths and surround yourself with the right advisors to help you reach those goals.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Sport takes up a lot of my time. I love playing tennis and am currently serving as the president of the Viewbank Tennis Club. I do a lot of running in my free time too.

I’m a mad Collingwood (AFL) supporter, much to the despair of my wife Claire. Of course, I also love spending time with Claire and our spoodle, Molly.

What are two things that we may not know about you?

One fact people may not know about me is that I’ve been a qualified, level-one tennis coach.

The other point is that I’m a third-generation chartered accountant. My father and grandfather have also been chartered accountants. We have even had an article written about us in the Chartered Accountants magazine.

What’s your favourite book and film?

My favourite books are Dane Swan: My Story; Richard Branson: Screw Business As Usual; and Andre Agassi’s autobiography, Open. As my wife has observed, these are quite possibly the only books I have read since meeting her 11 years ago!

I am not a huge movie fan, but a film that has really stuck with me over the years is Gone in 60 Seconds.

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